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Suzuka 10 Hours – Qualifying Results


Qualifying day of the Suzuka 10 Hours race has more or less drawn to a close.

There was a Pit Walk this morning.
More people showed up to the autograph session than usual, making things quite exciting.
A big thanks to everyone who came by!

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While that was going on, we took GSR Lounge patrons on a tour of the pit.

It’s not a place you usually get to access, and we’re glad everyone seemed to have a good time.

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After the Pit Walk, the Qualifying round was finally upon us.

Our 3 drivers’ combined best times put us in 20th place at the end of the qualifying round.

There’s a rule called the “10H BBS Exciting Attack (Pole Shootout),” in which those who qualify move on to the final qualifying round, but due to various circumstances 24 cars moved on to the final qualifying round, and we were trying for 5th place.

Driver Kamui was behind the wheel for the final qualifying round, and right in the middle of his skillful driving the round was called to an end due to a red flag.  Unfortunately, we ended the round in 21st place.

Those who tuned in to the Post-Qualifying Live Webcast got to see how the team reacted, so if you have the time please tune in here.

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However, the 10 hour race is tomorrow.

No one knows what will happen, and if our drivers Taniguchi, Kataoka, and Kamui are all at their peak performance you’re going to see one amazing race.

The Main Gates will open at 7am tomorrow, so the GSR Lounge will also be opening at 7am.

Nothing would mark our first time ever racing in the Suzuka 10 Hours race like walking away with 1st place, so we hope you’ll all along for the ride with us!!

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