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The Shakedown, Said and Done!


At the Super GT official test run held at Fuji International Speedway on March 23-24, they were able to perform the Miku Z4 MY14 shakedown.  Running without any major problems, this was an exceptionally good test run and Shun gave us a full report!

20140326 shakedown 1


These last 2 days we performed the shakedown for the 2014 Model Z4 GT3!

20140326 shakedown 2

I wasn’t there the first day, so I can’t really go into the details, but of note the car seemed to perform quite well.

Now on to day 2…

The weather was all-go!

20140326 shakedown 3

First up was “I lost my voice,” Driver Tatsuya Kataoka!

20140326 shakedown 4

(My throat’s in terrible shape – I lost my voice.  – Kataoka)

We started with the set up of the 2014 model.  After a few bouts of  2-3 laps followed by a pit stop, we configured the set up while communicating via radio.

But Kataoka really couldn’t say anything on the radio – lol!

After the set up was more or less determined, we went on to the tire test.

We made good time too, ranking 2nd in the GT300 class.

20140326 shakedown 5

We lost to the Studie Team…

And like that the morning was over.

In the afternoon, we again started the time test with Driver Kataoka.  After testing a few sets with Kataoka, we switched to Driver Taniguchi.

20140326 shakedown 6

The test with Taniguchi was going as usual, when all of a sudden we hit trouble!

20140326 shakedown 7

The pedals in the Z4 are the type that can be slightly adjusted, but they were unfortunately moving around while he was driving.

He came in immediately for emergency repair, and then returned to the track.  But we were unable to perform the long test as we’d planned but…

20140326 shakedown 10

We amazingly came out on top for the afternoon session!!

There’s no telling how many JAF-GT or FIA-GT cars will improve their times, but this has really boosted our optimism going into the first race!

And like that, the test was over and we started packing up when…

Driver Taniguchi tried his hand at the abdominal training roller that’s been popular with the mechanics of late!  Like the mechanics, I don’t think there are many people out there who can do this unless they’re on their knees but…

Here he goes.

20140326 shakedown 8

Without using on his knees he stretches out his arms and…

20140326 shakedown 9

Boom!  Yep, we all knew this would happen – lol!

From today forward we’ll be restlessly preparing for the first race!

But stay tuned – next time I want to tell you all about the parts that have been updated!

- Shunsuke



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