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The Miku Z4 MY14 – It’s Finished!


I’m sure we’re all a bit nervous that the final test run before the start of the season is about to be underway at Fuji International Speedway, but I just got a report from Shun saying that the 2014 Z4 is finally complete!


Well, I guess it’s finally time for this assembly journal to come to an end… (> _<)

That’s right…

It’s the end… (T_T)

No, no, no – what am I saying!  This is no time to be sad!

Guess I’ve gone a bit crazy losing sleep in all the excitement, so please forgive me – lol

But in other words, assembly is complete!!

20140325 my14 1

20140325 my14 2

Beside us you can see the MY11, where we borrowed a few parts that were still missing,

20140325 my14 3

and by around 2am, we loaded her up and took off for Fuji!

20140325 my14 4

Today we’ll be unloading it for the test run at Fuji!  And we’ll also make some final adjustments.

So that tomorrow we’ll be able to do a proper shakedown!

Oh, but since I’ll be taking a leave of absence during unloading and the 1st day of the test…

My next report will be on 3/24, the 2nd test day.

- Shunsuke



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