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Shun’s first time with the Miku Z4!


Here it is – the culmination of all his nervousness and excitement!


I’ve finally made my GT car debut!

20140621 shun 01

20140621 shun 02

There were 4 stints of 30 minute runs, so first off, Kataoka took the wheel to perform a basic check and get a reference time!

But seriously, the Suzuka circuit was really crowded that day…

With over 30 cars on the track, and racing together with cars of very different speeds, neither Kataoka nor I could perform at our best ((+_+))

But Kataoka is really a great driver!  Even though it was super crowded, he was able to get a good lap time.

After he got out of the car, he gave me all kinds of pointers while showing me the in-car video.

20140621 shun 03

For the 2nd stint, it was time for me to start.

To be honest, I’m the first Miku Z4 engineer that’s ever done this…. lol

For the 15 minutes before the run, I turned on the engine, turned the gearshift, and was impressed with the car’s acceleration response.

Time to start—!

I was off without any engine stalls or other issues.

20140621 shun 04

And with the feeling that I had no idea what was going on, I entered the course.

At first, I couldn’t see any of the cars in front of me, and it felt like left was right and right was left, so for the first stint I can’t really say I drove so much as I was pushed along.

For the second stint, I thought I was getting the hang of it.

I thought I was…

The course had cleared out a bit, so I decided I might try to test the boundaries a bit and…

spun off the course.

It’s not a corner prone to spins, so that spin was seriously embarrassing… So please everyone, let’s not hear any more about it – lol.

I brought a whole lot of gravel home to the pit as a souvenir.

Everyone was joking around, saying I was “playing in the gravel,” but honestly I just lost control.

I’m really sorry!

There was virtually no time to spare before the next stint, and all the mechanics rushed to clean it up for me as soon as possible.

I helped out of course…

20140621 shun 05

20140621 shun 06

20140621 shun 07

We were barely ready in time for the last stint, so I was able to race.

I’d like to give my thanks to all of the mechanics.

I was able to drive just fine during the third stint, and most importantly, I was able to complete the first day of racing without breaking anything.

What a relief.

But I still don’t fully understand the feeling or movement of the car.  I want to get a good lap time, but considering that the track’s this crowded and my understanding of the car, the risk is too high, so for the second day I’ll once again focus on getting a good feel for the car!

I’m going to compare the videos taken while Kataoka was driving and when I was driving to study up!

20140621 shun 08

There were quite a few other incidents as well, but I’ll save that for another report – lol.

Such as the amount of gravel…

I’ll do my best again on Saturday!

- Shunsuke


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