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Shun’s Champion Cup Race! How’d he do…?


Mechanic and driver Shun, who was introduced on the webcast the other day, recently took part in the “Champion Cup Race” open foil race and apparently walked away with 4th place.  You’d usually think of 4th place being pretty incredible, but as he came in 1st at the last race he seems pretty crestfallen.

Read the report below to hear more from the man himself!


Held on April 13 at the Twin Ring Motegi track, I raced in Round 2 of the Champion Cup Race.  Races at Motegi often overlap with the GT Series, but not this time.

Well, at the end of the day I came in

4th Place.

I’d like to give my sincere thanks to everyone who was cheering my on.  And also, I’d like to apologize.

As usual, this time when practice started on the Friday before the race, the settings that had been very effective at the Suzuka race were making the car almost impossible to handle, and the whole set-up had to be done all over from scratch.

The settings were pretty much done by Friday, and with a few final adjustments on Saturday I was able to do some racing simulations.  It went pretty well, so we were all set for Sunday.

However, my strategy for the qualifying failed, and I finished in Role 7 all the way in the back.

I kept telling myself I had to just put it all behind me and focus on the race, but had another misstep right at the very start.  But even so, I was able to handle corner 1 pretty well and not lose my position.

I passed 1 car in lap 2, 1 in lap 3, and 1 in lap 6, climbing up to 4th place, but the 3 cars in front of me had already run so far ahead, and as it was only a 10 lap race that’s how we crossed the checkered flag.

My performance in the qualifying was truly pathetic this time.  It didn’t matter that we’d practiced the strategy with new tires just the day before, I really have to reflect on how and why it failed.

But I did learn a lot, getting the opportunity to try so many different strategies in the race.

I’ve got to learn even more, and put all my effort into getting faster!

20140417 shun 1

My next race is on May 11 at Suzuka!  I’ll do my best!




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