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Reflecting on the Autopolis Finals from a Mechanic’s Perspective!


The Autopolis race ended very unfortunately for us.

In the following report, it’s painful how much Shun captures the regret of all the mechanics involved.

But we’ll definitely win next time!


Thank you all for cheering us on at the Autopolis race!

We finished in 16th place.

I guess you can say that with this race, we’re saving up our luck for the races to come…

Yes, let’s say that!

We just have to endure for the time being.

As always, Tatsuya Kataoka was the first driver in the race!

20140604 shun01

He was climbing up the ranks as usual when…

In the first half of the race he got caught up in a GT500-class crash.  One of the cars spun out and collided with left rear tire of the Z4, tearing the tire.

Kataoka radioed in, “I’ve got a flat!”

For the time being, all we could do was prepare the pit for the tire change and wait for Kataoka to pull in.

The whole left rear side of the car was damaged.

We weren’t really sure what had caused the flat at the time, but as we were changing out the tire we were all thinking, “What in the world kind of collision caused this kind of damage?”

20140604 shun02      20140604 shun03

20140604 shun04      20140604 shun05

Aside from the tire, the alignment was off, and there were various other issues, but regardless we were still able to race.

The next pit stop was when we changed drivers and Nobuteru Taniguchi took the wheel!  We changed out the tires, refuelled, and sent him back.

After that, Taniguchi had a good pace and kept creeping up little by little, but in the very end of the race there was a crash in corner 1 and the pace car was sent out.

At this point, the Z4 was in a pretty bad place…  And because of it we lost our chance to climb up to a point scoring position.

Ahhh…  This time was a total mess.

But we’ve got to change our gears and get ready for the next race coming up!

Our weight handicap will be the same, but we want to get every single point we can.

We hope you’ll be cheering us on!

- Shunsuke

20140604 shun06


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