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In the Scorching Heat! The Suzuka Test Report


On July 30-31, a tire manufacturer test was held at the Suzuka Circuit.

This time around, only Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi was driving the Miku Z4 to perform all the necessary tests.

20140805 suzuka 01

Driver Tatsuya Kataoka was at the Suzuka track, but was unable to drive the Z4 due to a personal matter.

20140805 suzuka 02

Here it is right here – lol!

As always, there were a lot of tires to try out this test run.

And on top of that, it was extremely hot!

The temperature was 35℃, and the road was at 55℃…

It was a bright and blue sky without a cloud in sight.

20140805 suzuka 03

And amidst it all we completed all required tests over the 2 days without encountering any difficulties!

In 2 days we covered 150 laps!  About 870km!

Oh, and the radio!

We encountered some problems during the Sugo race, so this time we installed a whole new system.  So I think we’ve probably eliminated the issue (^^)/

So, that’s all there is to say about the test run…

Let’s take a look at what it was like through a series of pictures.

20140805 suzuka 04     20140805 suzuka 05

Here are the RC-F and GT-R, undergoing testing  now for the 2015 season.

20140805 suzuka 06     20140805 suzuka 07

20140805 suzuka 08

The 500 class cars performed all sorts of tests, too.

20140805 suzuka 09

I pointed the camera over at Driver Yogi next door, and he made a funny face at me (lol).

20140805 suzuka 10

In order to keep the Miku Z4 safe and sound, we entrust her to this fellow, self-styled as “Johnny” to transport her from the shop to the track.
Here he is playing around with a water gun like the bad boy he really is – lol.
We’ll have to watch our backs at the Fuji race!

Here’s the checkered flag to tell you all that today’s post is over!

20140805 suzuka 11     20140805 suzuka 12

All the tires for the Suzuka Race and everything tested out well!

But first up is the Fuji race next week…

We hoe you’ll all be cheering us on!

- Shunsuke



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