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Assembling the Z4 – Part 3


Alright!  Looks like we have another report from Shun!

But the engine and whatnot still haven’t arrived…

I wonder what all the mechanics do in times like these…. ?


As for our progress on the Z4…  Well, uh… Since the all parts still haven’t come in we haven’t made much in the way of progress/// ((+_+))

But the cockpit keeps slowly evolving.

20140314 Z4 1

20140314 Z4 2

As you can see, all the switches have been installed.

I’ll explain all the cockpit switches a bit later on!

And we’ve been making progress like this little by little but…

Whoa!  Who’s this suspicious character?!

20140314 Z4 3

Do you see that?  It seems like they have the Studie logo on their hood…

Does that mean this is a mechanic from Studie?

It looks like they’ve come in on their day off to do some reconnaissance!

Just kidding – they’ve come in on their day off to lend a hand!  (^ . ^)

But what did I see when I turned around…

20140314 Z4 4

As we’re running out of things to do, it seems that some of the team has taken up weight training…

Even our manager Ms. Takesawa (on the right) who’s come to help prepare for Okayama Test is working out – lol.

Well, I’m not sure if the car will be finished before the all the mechanics break themselves trying to build muscle, but all we can do is wait for the parts to arrive at this point.

Of course, we’re also doing all we can to get ready for the next Okayama Test Run!

20140314 Z4 5

We’ve done all the maintenance on the MY11 Z4 and it’s in tip-top shape!  We’ll leave for the test run tomorrow!

By the way – if you plan on coming out to the Okayama Test…

We’re in Pit 14-C!!

- Shunsuke



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