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Wonder Festival is on (Sun) Feb. 10!


Hello and nice to meet you.
This is Miyamoto from the GSR Team.

Well, Wonder Festival is finally coming up this weekend.
There’s a slight chance of snow, which brings to mind a particularly difficult Wonder Festival day from a few years ago… BUT!
Let’s all pray for clear skies and hope we all have a day of fun – dealers and participants alike!

20190208 gsr 1

Wonder Festival Winter 2019

The Goodsmile Racing area will be inside in Hall 1 at the Wonderful Hobby Life for You!! 29 (aka WonHobby) booth.  We’ll have displays from all of our corporate sponsors, merchandise on sale, and much more.  I’ve assembled a list of highlights below the map image, so please take a look.

Date: (Sun) Feb. 10, 2019
Place: Makuhari Messe
Wonder Festival Winter 2019: see here for details
Wonderful Hobby Live for You!!: see here for details

Map to WonHobby Booth (Hall 1)

20190208 gsr 2

 ・Highlight #1 – GSR Stage Presentation (11:00-11:30)

We’ll be introducing our Racing Miku Supporters for 2019, and unveiling the TeamUKYO spirit illustration.  Who will our super cute Miku Supporters be this year, and what sort of illustration did Annin Dofu draw for us – I’m sure you all can hardly wait!!!  There will be no reserved places for the presentation, so if you want to see it be sure to get there in a hurry.  We hope you’ll all be there to cheer us on!

・Highlight #2 – Cars on Display

We’ll have the Mercedes-AMG GT3 (Goodsmile Hatsune Miku AMG) that was unveiled at the January Tokyo Auto Salon on display.
And perhaps something else on display…?

・Highlight #3 – New Products from our Corporate Sponsors

Inside the booth, in addition to Good Smile Company, we’ll have products on display from Max Factory, FREEing, ESR, and Aurora.  And there will of course be a GSR Shop, too so be sure to pick some up for yourself.

・Highlight #4 – Aquamarine Booth

Aquamarine will have their own company booth, so don’t miss it!  See their official site for details.
Aquamarine Official WF Site: http://aq-marine.jp/topics/wf2019w

・Highlight #5 – Hatsune Mik GT Project 10th Anniversary Nendoroid Plus Rubber Key-Chain Capsules

“These products will be available for advanced sale at the Wonder Festival Winter 2019 Gatcha-Corner (booth 3-26-01).” – That’s the official tag line!  Which means there will be a special Gatcha-Gatcha booth.  Be sure to check it out.

* All information subject to change without notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

By the way, here are some conversations I often overheard at Wonder Festival…
“WHOA!  What’s this car for?”  (It’s for racing in the Super GT!)
“Man, someone should race this car.”  (We race it in the Super GT!)
“Is that Hatsune Miku?”  (That’s Racing Miku!  Or, officially “Hatsune Miku Racing Ver.”)

Whenever I hear people say stuff like this, I can’t help but start talking.  There are sure to be lots of people experiencing GSR for the first time at the event, so we hope all our Personal Sponsors will help us out!

…. Until next time!



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