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Tomorrow is the GSR Cup


It’s finally upon us!  Tomorrow is the GSR sponsored bicycle race, the “GSR Cup!”  What’s the GSR Cup?  Take a look at the site below to learn more.  The race will be held at the same track we use for our go-cart races, the “New Tokyo Circuit” in Chiba.

>> GSR Cup

Thanks to everyone that entered, the race entry blocks are full!  But that doesn’t mean the spectator tickets aren’t available!  Event though the pre-sale ticket period is over, tickets are still available at the gate, so if you’re free we’d love for your to come on out and join us!

Highlights of the GSR Cup inlcude….

・Bicycle Race (endurance as well as sprint)・MOSAIC.WAV  live performance
・Anime Song DJs
・Miku Z4 and TT013 on display
・Our Lovely Racing Miku Supporters (though Sennya will have the day off)
・All you can eat food, and all you can drink miso soup

And much, much more!  The New Tokyo Circuit will offer just as much fun and entertainment as our local Chiba prefecture competitor “That Certain Theme Park in Maihama.”

It looks like it may not rain after all this weekend, so everyone get out there and have a great time!

20140905 gsrcup


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