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The what’s what about GSR Point Codes


Hey, everyone. Nice to meet you.
This is Miyamoto from the GSR Team.

I hope everyone was able to read our blog post from the other day. If this is your first time viewing the blog, or your first time becoming a Personal Sponsor, I hope you’ll take the time to read it when you get the chance.

Looking over GSR key word searches over the New Year holiday, I noticed that the following combinations ranked at the top.

“What are GSR Points”
“How to get GSR Points”
“GSR Point expiration”

It makes everyone here quite happy to learn that you’re interested in our GSR Point Code program.

But it looks like the system is a bit difficult to understand… I also had to work hard to fully grasp it… And consulted with officiating office several times…

So today’s blog post is going to be a bit long, but I’ll touch on each of those search phrases to hopefully help everyone learn a bit more about our GSR Point Codes.

First off, “What are GSR Points?

There are points that you can collect via point codes and exchange for special prizes. In Japanese we made the decision to call these “coupons,” but indeed they are not used for discounts of any sort…

Up until last year, this system was only available to Personal Sponsors in Japan, but this year our international Personal Sponsors can take part, too. (There may be restrictions in some countries; we apologize for any inconvenience.)

20190130 gsr 1


When you purchase Personal Sponsor items and courses via the Official GSR Site Page, your points are automatically tabulated, and you can see your running total via your Account Page.

This next part is important!

In the past, I’m sure many of your made Racing Miku merchandise purchases at races, Magical Mirai and other events, anime shops, and online shops.  Did you notice a mysterious 20 digit code on those items – printed on a thin strip of paper or a sticker affixed to the package?

If you find one of those 20 digit codes, don’t throw it away, please register it.

You can even find them in 300JPY capsule toys.  That’s right – for 10 turns at the gacha you can be a Green Level Personal Sponsor.  Impressive, no?

We’re currently designing the bonus gifts for 2019, but they won’t be available for sale and you can’t get them anywhere else.

20190130 gsr 3

Now for the second query, “How to get GSR Points.”

What goods qualify for GSR Points?  Well, this year we’re pleased to announce that both Gift and COCOLLABO merchandise will also come with GSR Points!  (Hooray!)  As well as merchandise released by the following companies.

Noraimo Kobo

You’ll see on the product page that these are “*GSR Coupon Code items,” but if you’re unsure feel free to reach out to their customer support teams.

And lastly, GSR Points never expire.

Even the point codes included with 2017 Racing Miku merchandise can be registered now.  And if you wanted, you could put all of your 2019 point codes in a safe place for use in 2020.

(*This is assuming that the Hatsune Miku GT Project continues the next season…)

However, please keep in mind that any points you want applied to your 2019 ranking must be submitted by Nov. 30, 2019.

Please also note that your ranking will be reset at the start of every year.

You can register them via smartphone or PC.

20190130 gsr 5

If you click here now, you can see a listing of everyone who became a Personal Sponsor by either purchasing a sponsorship course or registering a point code.
Thank you all for acting so fast to pitch in!

I know I’ve really written a lot here, but if you’re still not sure what’s going on please visit our Q&A section.

We’ve had our GSR Point system operating since about 2015, and thanks to all of you more and more people use it every year.

There are really no drawbacks, so I hope you’ll give it a try!

Until next time!



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