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The Miku Z4 in Hot Version


The latest edition of Hot Version, a DVD series that Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi and other famous drivers often appear in, will go on sale this weekend!

20140606 hot 01

The Miku Z4 Tsukuba Track Time Attack

will be featured!  The attacker is of course none other than Mr. Taniguchi himself.  Unfortunately, it was filmed on a rainy day so I don’t think he was able to display the car’s true potential.  But nonetheless, one of the most interesting parts of Hot Version is the in-car video and foot-view camera.  You can really learn a lot by looking at the footwork of professional drivers.

In addition,

the Miku Z4 is in a mixed class race!

Cars from all different categories participate in what unfolds to be a heated race to the finish.  Other contenders include Drift-King Tsuchiya and #7 Driver Seiji Ara!

But on top of all that, they also introduce the

setting where the new Initial D Movie was filmed!

You can see Taniguchi in there, too.

There are a lot of cool things to check out in there, so pick it up if you’re interested!  Onle 1899JPY.




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