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Round 3: Sukaka – Circuit Safari & Miku Supporter Photo Op


Hey, everyone.

It may seem like the Round 2 Race at Fuji was just the other day, but the Round 3 Race at Suzuka is coming up this weekend.

Here’s some info for the Suzuka Circuit Safari and 2018 Racing Miku Supporters Photo Op.

Tickets for both activities will be passed out to the first customers making a purchase of 5000JPY or more at the GSR Shop located on site (one ticket per person).

The GSR Shop will open on (Sat) May 19 at 6:45am, and (Sun) May 20 at 8am.
Not the GT Official Shop – the GSR Shop.

On Qualifying Day, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the Circuit Safari.  Please meet up at the rotary in front of the Suzuka-ze restaurant, in the paddock area.  Take note that you will need a paddock pass.  Once you get there, don’t get on the bus, but stand by fro Swemy.  Our bus will be #2.  Swemy will be your guide on the tour.

20180516 gsr 1

Please get there by 10:30, the bus will leave at 10:40.  If you show up late, you will get left behind.

The Miku Supporters will join you if they can make it on time.  This will depend on the traffic situation, so we hope for your patience and understanding.

Time: (Sat) May 19 at 10:30
Place: Rotary in front of the Center House
Participants: 35
* You will need to purchase a Paddock Pass to participate.

On May 20th we’ll be holding the Miku Supporter Photo Op & Autograph Session.  Tickets for this event will be passed out on the 20th (the 19th will be Safari only).

Time: (Sun) May 20 12:00-12:30
Place: GSR Shop
Participants: 20

The photo op will end at 12:30 sharp, so please arrive 5 min early.



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