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Round 1: Okayama – Circuit Safari & Miku Supporter Photo Op


The Super GT 2018 Season finally kicks off this weekend.

Today I’d like to tell you about the Round 1: Okayama Circuit Safari and 2018 Racing Miku Supporters Photo Op.

Tickets for both activities will be handed out to the first customers making a purchase of 5000JPY or more at our on-site GSR Shop.

Circuit Safari tickets will be handed out on Saturday.  (To the first 35 customers.)

Miku Supporter Photo Op tickets will be handed out on Sunday.  (To the first 20 customers.)

Tickets will be handed out 1 per person.  (For example, if you make a 10000JPY purchase, you won’t receive 2 tickets.)  The GSR Shop will open at 7am on both Saturday and Sunday.  Take note that this offer is not valid at the GT Official Ship.

Circuit Safari Info

The meet-up location is just around the corner from the main entrance.  Please see the map below for reference.


There will be a lot of buses parked there.
Swemy will be serving as your guide, so be on the lookout for him.  Do you know what he looks like?  Well, this is him.

20180404 gsr 2

The bus number and other info will be announced the day of via Swemy’s Twitter account, so be sure to give it a look.

Arrive by 10:20am, as the bus departs at 10:30am.  We’ll be unable to wait for anyone who’s running behind, so be sure to be on time.  (No, you won’t receive a refund either!)

If they can make it in time, our lovely Racing Miku Supporters will also be aboard the Circuit Safari bus.  It will largely depend on the day’s traffic conditions as to whether or not they make it, so please forgive us in the event that they can’t.

The Miku Supporter Photo Op held on Sunday will be from 11:30-12:00.  They’ll be giving out autographs too, so have whatever you’d like them to sign ready.  The event will end at 12pm sharp, so try to arrive about 5 min early.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the Okayama Season Opening Race!



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