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Reception Open for the 2014 Nendoroid Course!


Reception for the 2014 Nendoroid Course opened on (Fri) March 14!  We gave a little introduction about some of the special benefits included in this year’s Nendroid Courses at Anime Japan last week, but let me recap!

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Our team is run by sponsors like you, so we hope you’ll participate by signing up for one of our fantastic Nendoroid Courses.  This isn’t your everyday sort of blog material, but an earnest request for you to contribute.  To put that in the words of Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi, “Do that thing for the thing.” lol

Today I’ll be introducing some of the stuff included with Nendoroid Courses.  Each course varies, so please see the course description if there’s something you really don’t want to miss out on!

First up, is the Personal Sponsor Card, which I also introduced the other day.  It’s new and improved!

20140401 course 1

Next up is something you might say is the defining characteristic of any Personal Sponsor – the Cap!  This is a design available only to Personal Sponsors.  That’s right – this year’s cap won’t be available for purchase anywhere else!

20140401 course 2

Next is a nice and soft Microfleece Blanket.  The weather might be rather unpredictable at the circuit, but this multi-use blanket will help protect you from the rain, cold, or even shade you from the sun.

20140401 course 3

We’ve thrown some all new items into the mix as well!  This is definitely one of those must-have things that you need nowadays – a Portable Charger!  You’re checking the Twitter feed or watching a live broadcast on your smart phone, and before you know it you’re out of juice.  At a time like this, you can use your portable battery to charge up.  It has a 3000mAh capacity, so even the newest model smart phones can be fully recharged once over!  (But it won’t b able to charge a tablet.)

20140401 course 4

Also included in the Nendoroid Course D is this Team Jacket, made in the image of the GOODSMILE RACING & TeamUKYO staff uniform!  Keeps you warm in the cold, and prevents burn in the sun, making it perfect for all-season wear!

20140401 course 5

That’s all for today!  Be sure to visit the Personal Sponsors’ Web Entry site to sign up for your Nendoroid Course!

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