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Racing Miku Supporters Photo Session in Nagoya!


On Sunday the 22nd in Nagoya, there was the Nostalgic Car Show, and the GSR model car was on display, but more importantly…

There was a photo session with the Racing Miku Supporters!

20140625 supporter01

From 10:30am, and way over the allotted time slot all the way until 8:30pm, we were both inspired and in awe at the sheer number of people who participated.  The event had only been announced one week prior, so we were all a bit nervous about how it would turn out, and had no idea that many fans would show up.  We also had a live webcast at the event, so I think you all got a feel for what it was like.

Unfortunately, it was rainy all day in Nagoya, so the outdoor yukata (summer kimono) photo session that we had planned had to be quickly improvised indoors, but even so there were few people who cancelled their reservation, and a whole lot of fans who registered for all 4 photo sessions as well as the fan meeting, letting everybody know that our Racing Miku Supporters are just as beloved as our Racing Miku.

20140625 supporter02     20140625 supporter03

20140625 supporter04     20140625 supporter05

20140625 supporter06

However, as there were many more participants than we were expecting, we didn’t have enough pin badges prepared for everyone.  We’re really about that.  We’ll be sending them out soon, so please stand by.  Also, there were a lot of people who participated in session 3, with the supporters in their racing queen attire, and I think everyone’s photography time was significantly cut down as a result.  And there were probably a few other things that didn’t go exactly as planned either, but we’ll definitely use the experience to improve the flow of future events.  We’d like to thank everyone for being patient and bearing with us.

Here’s the schedule for future photo sessions:

September         Date & Location TBANovember 2      Osaka
December 7       Tokyo

We’ll definitely announce all the details as soon as we can, so please be sure to leave your schedules open.

There were also a lot of people who entered the pictures they took in our photo contest, and we’re going over them now.  Thank you all for entering!



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