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(Personal Sponsorship) Round 2 Recruitment Starts Now


Hey, everyone.

Today marks the start of our Round 2 Personal Sponsor recruitment over at the Personal Sponsors Web Entry Site.

Click the link above to register now.

The Nendoroid and figma Courses are both available now.

Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the other special bonus items that come with the courses, in addition to the figures.

First up, here’s a simple chart that gives you the basics.

20180423 gsr 1

Round 2 registration will be open from April 23 – June 17 (up until just before the race in Thailand).

Round 3 registration will be open from July 2 – Sept. 10.  (From just after the race in Thailand, until just before the Round 6 race at Sugo.)

Round 4 registration will be held from Sept. 25 – Nov. 30.

With the 8000JPY Nendoroid Course, you also get a Nendoroid design acrylic key chain.
With the 15000JPY Course you also get a GSR Card Case and Sponsors Cap A, seen below.
In case you’re wondering, the model shown below is Atomu, from the GSC Marketing Division.  He’s wearing size M.

20180423 gsr 2

Here’s the card case.  Fill it up with your very own name cards (or business cards), and pass them out to all your Personal Sponsor pals at the circuit or events when trading info.

20180423 gsr 3

20180423 gsr 4

The Personal Sponsors Cap A features a green and white color theme, which matches well with GSR team wear.

Go with the 30000JPY course and you’ll also get an original Shoulder Bag, and a Camouflage T-Shirt.

20180423 gsr 5

20180423 gsr 6

20180423 gsr 7

The black and grey camouflage pattern sure is stylish!  But we’d expect nothing less from Avirex.  One word of caution though – the Mercedes graphic on the right shoulder is only featured on actual GSR staff wear.  Instead, yours will have the Perssonal Sponsor Logo.

Going to the next level, with the 50000JPY Course, you’ll also receive a Vest.

20180423 gsr 8

20180423 gsr 9

20180423 gsr 10

The vest is sleeveless to make work easy.  Say for example, you’re trying to set up or fold down at tent at the circuit, or trying to unbox a large monitor… connecting all the power cords, LAN cables, and adjusting your other monitors, or waving a swing banner at the race – all of these activities requires a lot of mobility, and wearing a sleeveless vest puts you at an advantage.

20180423 gsr 11

You can also tighten or loosen the sides.

20180423 gsr 12

20180423 gsr 13

The 50000JPY Course comes with an entire set of team wear.
But if you think you can stretch your support for the team even further, we also offer a 70000JPY Course.  In addition to all the items we’ve already covered, it also comes with an additional Camouflage T-Shirt.

And that covers all of the bonus items that come with our Nendoroid Course.  Don’t forget – Round 2 recruitment starts today!

Even for me, someone wearing team apparel is an ally and friend without further introduction.  I’d approach them at the circuit without hesitation.  And now you know how to identify them as well!

Yes, yes – but we also have another type of course.  The figma Course!

The 8000JPY figma Course includes a figma Racing Miku and a Sticker.

The 15000JPY Course also comes with a 1/32 size Mini Car.

And the 30000JPY Course includes the Personal Sponsors Cap B, a Folding Parasol, and a Polo Shirt as special bonus items.

20180423 gsr 14

20180423 gsr 15

20180423 gsr 16

Check it out.  It’s a completely different design from cap A.  Darker, and more sophisticated.

20180423 gsr 17

20180423 gsr 18

This is what the folding parasol looks like.  You never know when it will suddenly rain at the track, so it’s always a good idea to have one on hand.

20180423 gsr 19

20180423 gsr 20

20180423 gsr 21

This is what the Polo Shirt looks like.  It has a stand collar for a clean-cut look, and is made with a slightly thick material for a great fit.  Maintain your gentlemanly image, out in the elements or even in the heat of the a race.  (Or that’s what I think at least.)

Move up to the 50000JPY Course, and you’ll also receive a Windbreaker.  For the Windbreaker (and only the Windbreaker), he’s wearing Size L.

20180423 gsr 22

This is the face he made when I asked him to look cold.

20180423 gsr 23

20180423 gsr 24

Hood is included, of course, and can be stored when not in use.

With the 50000JPY Course, you get a full set of all the team wear.  However, if you want to show even more support for the team, we also offer a 70000JPY Course.  It comes with all the items you see above, plus one additional Polo Shirt.

And there you have it – all the bonus items that come with the figma Course.

I know it’s the 3rd time I’m saying this and all, but it’s very important so let me remind be once more that that our Round 2 recruitment session starts today!

The special bonus items included with the Nendoroid Course and figma Course are different, so you can choose the set that you like best, or go for both – wear your t-shirt to the qualifying session and your polo shirt to the final race, or just significantly improve your wardrobe!

And remember that all Personal Sponsorship Courses, including our Basic Course, come with a Personal Sponsor Card and Ticket Holder!

Not only do you receive all of these special bonus gifts, remember that your sponsorship helps enable us to continue racing – thank you all for your many years of continued support!

All of our Personal Sponsors are just that – people who sponsor their own team!  And to enable everyone to stand proud and give every race our absolute best, we hope you’ll be there at our side for many years to come!

“Goodsmile Racing – the race team run by fans!”

Today’s blog has been brought to you by GSR Staff Member Hirano (also known as HiraD).



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