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Our 2019 Racing Miku Supporters


Hey, everyone.  Samurai here.

Our Goodsmile Racing 2019 Spring Pop-Up Store in Akihabara will be open for just a few more days.  Even during this last week, we’ll have GSR Caps, team wear, and all sorts of new merch for you to check out so please come on by!

Moving on… All four of our lovely 2019 Racing Miku Supporters made their debut on March 23!  Hurray!

A big thank you to everyone who tuned in to our live webcast, and who attended their autograph session!

So without further ado, let us introduce our lovely 2019 Racing Miku Supporters one more time!

20190329 gsr 1

Seeing all 4 of them lined up together really livens things up, doesn’t it!

・Tsukasa Arai  @22tuttu
Known as Tsuttsu, she’s something of a steadfast leader, she’ll be taking the stage next week!
(See Tsuttsu’s twitter for more details.)

20190329 gsr 2

・Manae Miyakoshi @manae_miyakoshi
Known as “Mana-chan,” she loves cats and video games, and recently cut her hair short.

20190329 gsr 3

・Kirara Kaguya
I was quite shocked when I asked her age.
Will her nickname be Kirara?  Kirarin?  We’re not yet sure yet, so please give us your input.

20190329 gsr 4

And last but not least, our fourth member!

・Raina @Taira515plus8
Her nickname is Rairai, but other than that we don’t really know what kind of girl she is.
On the day she made her debut, her upperclassmen were teaching her the right way to stand and walk in the waiting room.  Our behind the scenes staff Miyamoto was trying to stand the same way next to her, but apparently experienced full body muscle pains…

20190329 gsr 5

From here forward you’ll have lots of opportunities to meet them, including all of the Super GT races and events this year – so be sure to show them your support!

In a bit of an aside, have you ever wondered what that thing (in the parenthesis) at the end of our GSR official tweets is?  Some people have asked this question using the #fightgrs hash tag, and proposed some interesting theories.  But the truth is this indicates who made the post:


We hope you’ll take the opportunity to get to know us as well!

Though Miyamoto has ghost written about 90% of this post, this is Samurai signing off.



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