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Lots of People Watched our Webcast


Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our live broadcast the other day!

We were all surprised to see that we had over 20,000 viewers.  The word is getting out!  All kinds of people are becoming aware of the Hatusne Miku GT Project.

Well then, let me show you again the illustrations that were first made public on the webcast.

Oh, but before that…  Click here!

>>  Nendoroid Courses at the Personal Sponsor Web Entry Site

And for anyone who’s interested in seeing the race in person but not sure how to go about it, we’re offering a special bus tour perfect for first-timers.

>> Goodsmile Racing x Hatsune Miku  Supporters Bus Tour (Japanese Only)

And don’t forget, we’ll also be holding a victory party to celebrate our win at Okayama!  We hope to get all loud and crazy with a whole bunch of people so be sure to register!

>> Victory Party Application Site (Japanese Only)

All right, first off I’ll show you the illustration we got in congratulation of our victory from Oguchi!

20140417 webcast 1

Miku looks so astounded doesn’t she!  Everyone was astounded.

Next up is version 2 of this year’s key visual!  Tah – dah!

20140417 webcast 2

Miku is so stylish, isn’t she?  In other news, I think we’ll soon be releasing a new line of merchandise with this illustration as the motif, so be sure to be on the look out!



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