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Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary – Special Photo Contest Winners! “10 Years of Racing Memories”


Hey, everyone.

This is Hirano from the Goodsmile Racing & TeamUKYO staff.

First of all, our most sincere apologies for keeping you all waiting!

Please allow me to announce our winners for the Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary – Special Photo Contest!

This was one of the many special contests, projects, and events we held last year to usher in the Hatsune Miku GT Project’s 10th year.

For more information, please see  our Special 10th Anniversary site.

There were 3 different Special Photo Contests:

1. 10 Years of Racing Memories
2. 10 Years of Miku Supporter Memories
3. 10 Years of Figure & Merch Memories

First off, we’d like to call our 10 Years of Racing Memories winners to the victory stand.

They include the entries voted to 1st and 2nd place, as well as entries selected by Team Owner Takanori Aki, Team Manager Ukyo Katayama, Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi, and Driver Tatsuya Kataoka.

The entry voted into 1st palace was “Concentration” by H.G.
His comment for the entry reads, “Before qualifying at the 2016 Round 2 Race, Driver Taniguchi is deep in concentration.  Man, he looks cool.”

His attitude going into the race is truly serious and nothing less, which is pretty cool.
I hope all of you out there can come out to the circuit in person some day to see Taniguchi’s comportment in the flesh.

The look in the driver’s eyes during the race is truly something else.

Congratulations, H.G!

20190219 gsr 1

In 2nd place is “Hard Run of Tears” by Drift Wagon.
His comment for the entry reads, “At the 2011 Motegi Race, with just a few more laps to go.  The team finished the race, thereby becoming the series champion.  It was Driver Taniguchi’s first time to be crowned victor, and he said it was hard to see where he was going as his eyes clouded with tears (or something like that).  Looking at this photo now still brings back a flood of emotion.”

This photo was also selected by Team Owner Aki – making it a double winner.
Here’s his comment:
“The first time is one you’ll never forget.  And once you’ve gotten that taste, you’ll never turn back.”

20190219 gsr 2

Congratulations, Drift Wagon!

The final race of the 2011 Season.  He took this shot with just a few laps remaining in the race.  I hope everyone will join us again this year as Personal Sponsors so that we can become season champions!

Next up is the entry selected by Team Manager Ukyo Katayama.
Ukyo jointed the project in 2011.
The entry he’s selected is “From Above the Au Rouge” by Gou.

Gou’s comment reads, “What a scenic spot!  And it was especially nice at sunset.  I hope to see the Spa Miku car here again someday!”

20190219 gsr 3

Comment from Team Manager Ukyo:
It doesn’t get any better than this.
The first international race for the Hatsune Miku GT Project.
I raced here many times in my F1 days, and seeing the Miku car driving through my beloved Au Rouge was very cool.

Congratulations, Gou!

Next up is the winner selected by Driver Taniguchi, “GSR’s Indispensable Man, Nobuteru Taniguchi” by hoku.
hoku’s comment reads, “This is a very recent photo, but here’s Taniguchi at the 2017 Hatsune Miku GT Project Fan Appreciation Festival.  Seeing him like this, I was sure we’d be season champions that year!”

20190219 gsr 4

Comment from Taniguchi:
Personally, I feel like I should apologize for selecting this photo.
But basically I look really cool!

Congratulations, hoku!

Next is the entry selected by Kataoka.
It’s “A Man Suited for a Rice Bale” by Nonno.
Nonno’s comment reads, “At Motegi, the final race of the 2017 season, Driver Kataoka lifts up a rice bale at the victory stand!”


Comment from Kataoka:
With the championship in hand, this photo really captures that moment of bliss.

Congratulations, Nonno!

Well, that’s all of our Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary Special Photo Contest: 10 Years of Racing Memories.

More to follow!




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