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GSR 2018 Round 7: Autopolis – Photo Contest Winners


Hey, everyone.

We’ve already announced the winners for Fuji and Sugo today, and now we’re going to announce the winners for our Super GT Round 7: Autopolis Photo Contest.  Our apologies for the delay.

This year, each contest will have two victors – the entry with the most votes will receive the SNS Award, and the entry selected by Team Owner Aki will receive the GSR Award.

We’ll start with the GSR Award winner.

The entry selected for our GSR Award is “So there are 5 Miku Supporters” by Circuit-daisuki Hiro.

Here’s a comment from Circuit-daisuki Hiro:
“Playing around with Mejiron, all of a sudden one more member joined their ranks! lol)

Mejiron is a Oita Prefecture’s mascot character – the green thing you can see bottom center in this image.

20181129 gsr 5

Comment from Team Owner Aki:
“This wasn’t all that great a race.  But seeing this photo gives it some flavor.  The Arai-san in the back sure is flashy.”

The Autopolis Race may have been a no-point finish for GSR, but this photo has the special power of Arai-san’s super flashy banner.

Next up is the winner of our SNS Award.  The entry voted into first place was Ryoga’s “Toward a Consecutive Season Victory.”

Comment from Ryoga:
“Taken from the stands in the final corner of the track, the car’s roll and behavior was a spectacle to see.”

Here it is, a rear-shot of the car.

20181129 gsr 6

You can really tell that it’s a car that looks both cool and cute from any angle from this shot.

We’ll be giving Ryoga a Pin Badge of Honor.

And everyone who submitted an entry will be receiving a GSR Point Code in the inbox shortly.

There are still two ongoing photo contests, so be sure to submit your entries and cast your votes!

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