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GSR 2018 Round 6: Sportsland Sugo – Photo Contest Winners


Hey, everyone.

It’s time to announce our Super GT Round 6: Sportsland Sugo Photo Contest winners.
Our apologies for the delay.  After this, we’ll announce the winners for Autopolis, too!

This year, each contest will have two victors – the entry with the most votes will receive the SNS Award, and the entry selected by Team Owner Aki will receive the GSR Award.

We’ll start with the GSR Award winner.

The entry selected for the GSR Award is “Triple Wide Finish” by Imaji.
Here’s a comment from Imagi:
“Something happened in the very very end of the finishing lap.  A very Sugo dramatic revelation that gave us all goosebumps.”

In thinking back, this scene is definitely one of the most memorable scenes from the last season.
It felt great to triumph over triple wide and make it to the victory stand.

20181129 gsr 3

Here’s a comment for Team Owner Aki, who selected the winner:
“Talk about the most exciting moment!  Considering this it a head-on shot it was taken very well.  It makes me relive the excitement that moment we pushed through.”

We’ll be giving Imaji a Pin Badge of Honor and a bean-bag cushion.

Next up is our SNS Award winner.  The entry voted into first place is “Dragging Away the Bride” by Tensui ISR.
Here’s their comment:
“My wife was beside herself as Zukki dragged her along from behind the pit all the way to the race queen stage.”
So, he’s saying that he goes to cheer on GSR together with his wife!  Thinking about them watching the race all buddy buddy makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.


We’ll be giving Tensui ISR a Pin Badge of Honor!

And we’ll also be contacting everyone who submitted an entry with their GSR Point Code.

There are still two ongoing photo contests, so be sure to submit your entries and cast your votes!

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