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Announcing an All-New Personal Sponsorship Course!


This may seem sudden and all, but we’re starting an all-new Personal Sponsorship Course!

It’s called the


Hats-Off! Course


and registration starts today!

20140613 hat

Though we do have another GSR cap design, we received an overwhelming demand from fans who were after the coveted Personal Sponsor Cap!  And after much internal discussion and deliberation, we came up with this all-new course.

This course is incredibly simple and includes only the


Personal Sponsors Cap and Personal Sponsors Card


as special benefits.  And as both will ship immediately after your registration is received, all of you wanting to wear your cap for the next race are encouraged to apply now!  Please note that supplies are limited!


>> Hats-Off! Course


*  Please note that Personal Sponsor Cards are issued one per person per season, so if you’ve already registered for another Personal Sponsor Course the 2014 season, another card will not b issued.  Thanks for your understanding and support!



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