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With this We’ll Win! The Z4 Good Luck Charms are Here!


This is one of the strategies that was shared during the recent victory party:

Get Mari Shimazaki to draw you a special lucky charm!

I’m sure anyone who was there will definitely remember that moment.  But then again, we all realize that Ms. Shimazaki is a very busy lady.

There’s no way she’d be able to crank out an illustration like that, right?  We were all waiting with baited breath to see what would happen, and then today – it arrived!

But not only that, there was a surprise included as well.

First, let’s take a look at Mari Shimazaki’s special good luck charm!


20131031 lucky charm 1

Take a good look!  She’s written “Aiming for the 3rd win,” and Miku is holding up 3 fingers!  This will give us what it takes for sure, no doubt.

And now for the surprise!  At the victory party we were joined by Mari Shimazaki as well as manga artist Aruko Wada.  You may know Aruko Wada for his character design work in the popular “Fate/Extra” series, or the game “Gunslinger Stratos.”  I don’t believe this, but we also got a good luck charm drawn by Akuro Wada!

Check it out!

20131031 lucky charm 2

Now we’ll have not one but 3 images of the demi-goddess riding in the Z4 for the last race!  And with this, we’ll definitely come in first place and our top rival will finish in 3rd or lower.  Yes.  For sure!  I think there will be a dash-cam mounted on the day of the race, so everyone be sure to keep an eye out for them!  (Though I  don’t think you’ll be able to see the footage on race day…)

My own personal mission is to keep these illustrations safe, and then to carefully stick them in the car on race day, but…  At this rate I just have to try really hard not to want to take them home – lol!


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