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Thanks for your Support at the JAF GP Race!


This season was gone in a flash!

Even at this year’s JAF race there were more spectators than usual.

So, let’s take a look back, shall we?  We’ll start from the 23rd.

As the reception period for the figma Course was extended, we did a final count of all our Personal Sponsors for the JAF Cup, too!  In the end, it came to a total of 12857 people that donated to the team!

20131125 JAF 01

That yellow animal wooser made an appearance during the pit walk on the 23rd!  You know he has a weakness for gals and it was mere moments before he had his hands all over them!

20131125 JAF 02     20131125 JAF 03

Here he is making a surprise appearance on the Legend Cup Talk Show!  Leave it to him to take such an honor in stride – lol.

20131125 JAF 04

Ellaina was the Grid Girl for the first of the final races!

20131125 JAF 05

And Driver Tatsuya Kataoka was driving!

20131125 JAF 06

But… !  He had a collision very early on in the race and unfortunately had to retire.  It was the first time this year that our body sustained damage.  Though the tire was still able to move freely, that was one serious crack.

20131125 JAF 07

Since we needed some spare parts in a hurry, we ran over to the BMW booth and took what we needed right of the car on display!  Like some sort of surgery open ito public – lol!  A maguro tuna butchering attraction!  People could have gone on like this forever.  But you don’t really get to see a car on the chopping block every day – maybe it was something special?

20131125 JAF 08

All of the Miku Supporters were excited, too.  Even though it was cold, they all stayed behind with everyone else to look on in awe.

20131125 JAF 09

But at the very end, something even more unbelievable happened!

You’ll have to stay tuned until tomorrow to find out what!







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