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Thanks for your Support at Round 4: Sugo!


Our first Super GT race in almost 2 months was held over July 23-24.  And for us here at GSR, it was held at the inauspicious Sugo track.

20160725 gsr 1

Looking back at how we’ve performed over the years…

2009:   17th place

2010:   12th place

2011:     6th place

2010:    7th place (Car #0)

2013:   15th place

2014:   15th place

2015:  16th place

And this year we finished in 7th place.  Though we were unfortunately unable to beat our 2011 record, there was no significant trouble in terms of the race or our strategy.  And we still finished in the point receiving bracket.  But that curse still managed to show its ugly face in the end, as the race finished under a red flag… So we can’t say all was well…

20160725 gsr 2

We received 4 points for our performance in the race.  With a total of 19 points, our driver ranking is unchanged at 5th place.  Though we’re 14 points behind car #25 at the top, it’s not time to panic yet.  We thank you all again, and hope for your continued support.

20160725 gsr 3

20160725 gsr 4

Oh, right – And at the Sugo race, the GTA held a press conference where they announced the details regarding the Autopolis make-up race.

Nov. 13  Super GT Round 3 – GT 250km Race  (Weight x 1kg)

Nov. 14  Super GT Round 8 – GT 250km Race  (No Weight)

In other words, full weight handicaps will be used at the Thai race.  It will be a 500km race over 2 days, putting a lot of demand on the car.  As for the F4, they’ll have one additional race at Round 5: Fuji, and one additional race at Round 8: Motegi.  That sure makes the Fuji race schedule pretty tight…

I’d also like to put out a quick reminder that we’re still accepting Personal Sponsorship applications.  Becoming a Personal Sponsor makes the races even more exciting, as you’re able to put yourself in the midst of all that action.  So if you haven’t done so already, please head over and sign up!

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