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JAF Race Info: Part 2


The JAF race is full of all kinds of events, and as GSR is going to be participating in all kinds of events, let me give you our schedule!  For the most part, they’ll all be held at the same place.

Also, as there may be some fine tuning of the exact times on the day of the event, I’ll announce any changed via Twitter.

 (Sat) Nov. 23

12:50 – 13:10     Katayama and Taniguchi Q&A (stage)

13:30 – 14:00     Katayama Q&A (Yokohama)

15:50 -      Racing Miku Supporters Photo Op (BMW)

17:40 – 19:00     Taniguchi and Katayama Q&A (Koyamacho Service Carnival)


 (Sun) Nov. 24

10:00 – 10:30     BMW Booth Q&A (Suzuki, Ohashi, Katayama, Taniguchi, Kataoka)

15:45 -      Racing Miku Supporters Photo Op (BMW)

16:35 – 17:05     Grand Finale



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