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Entrant Representative Suzuki, Looking Back from the 3rd Round

Hey everybody!

It’s me, the GSR&Studie Team UKYO Enthusiasm Division Spokesman (lol) – Mr. Suzuki, Inc.!

Thank you all again for your incredible support!  m(_ _)m

The other day we finished up the race at Sepang, the 3rd of 8 races in the Super GT 2013 Series.  And so, today I’d like to give you my own reflection on the progress we’ve made so far.

Presently, our team is ranked 3rd out of the 25 teams competing in the GT300, but as we’re 14 points behind the #11 GAINER SLS, this is a gap we absolutely cannot allow to grow any further.

In addition, it’s going to be tough to surpass the speed of the CR-Z, PRIUS, and BRZ – known as the speed demon army of the JAF league – maybe even impossible.  If their luck persists, as it has so far, it’s no exaggeration to say that our chances of winning will be scarce – they really are that much faster.

Of course, the biggest obstacle is the restricted performance tuning of FIA and JIF cars, and though we anticipate what adjustments are going to be made in the future, from here on out that’s going to be the hardest thing to overcome.

Among all the cars competing, the current performance of our entire machine (tires included) is somewhere in the middle, but to pick up the slack we’ve got super-star drivers Nobu and Tatsu, Director Ohashi, Sporting Director Ukyo, and our engineer Kawano all sharpening our strategy, and we’ve also got the fervent support of all our fans, who give us more support than any other team on the track!

As both cornering and breaking on the Z4 GT3 are incredible, making it a strong racing car, that’s seen as too much of an advantage to the FIA, and all GT3 cars are tampered with to level the playing field.  Our engine power is heavily restricted (seriously, this car can go a whole lot faster!).  But as that reduces our straight-away speed (especially when the driver puts the petal to the metal), we’re unable to gain as much lead compared to other cars, making this the #1 reason we have such close races.


No matter how much I ramble on about it, that’s just the way it is – so here I am to tell you how we’re going to tackle the next race, to keep everyone positive and looking forward!

There’s no question that there’s still a way to turn this point ranking around, so we’re going to fight tooth and nail to “Take back that throne!”  And as everyone at BMW Motorsport and Yokohama Tires feel exactly the same way, we know they’ve got our backs for the long road, so everybody stay calm and hang in there!(^_^)

The next race will be in the at the Sportsland SUGO track in the “City of Trees,” Sendai City!  It won’t be as tough a track as Fuji Motor Speedway, but as we tend to do poorly there every year for some strange reason, we’ve definitely got to try even harder this time!  And we’ve got to do our best cheer up the people of Tohoku while we’re at it, too!

And so, that’s it for today’s update.  As it’s tough work for Mr. Suemie to keep up the blog all the time, hope you don’t mind me butting in now and again in the future.  Thanks for having me!

This is the where the season really starts to heat up – literally!  Be sure to intake plenty of fluids (just beer’s a no-go, got it? – lol) and try not to overdo it while giving it your all.

Well, then – see you 'round! (^_-)


- Yasuaki “Bob” Suzuki

GSR&Studie with Team UKYO Entrant Representative

Studie AG Representative Director


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