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Goodsmile Racing & TeamUKYO – Racing again in 2019!


Hey, everyone.

Earlier tonight at our Year End Party, Team Owner Takanori Aki announced that Goodsmile Racing and TeamUKYO will continue racing in 2019.

You can find a summary of the announcement below.


First of all, there will be no changes in moving forward from our 2018 team.

Team Lineup
・Team Name: Goodsmile Racing & TeamUKYO
・Team Manager: Ukyo Katayama
・Team Owner: Takanori Aki
・Drivers: Nobuteru Taniguchi, Tatsuya Kataoka
・Maintenance Garage: RS Fine
・Chief Engineer: Takao Kawano (RS Fine)


We’ll be competing in both the Super GT and Suzuka 10 Hours races.

・Make/Model: Mercedes-AMG GT3
・Car Name: Goodsmile Hatsune Miku AMG

Our third driver for the Suzuka 10 Hours race will be Kamui Kobayashi.


For the Hatsune Miku GT Project’s mascot character, Racing Miku
Our 2019 Racing Miku illustrator is none other than Annin Dofu, known for their character design work in Idol Masters Cinderella Girls.  Here’s the illustration that will be featured on the car’s front hood.

20181225 gsr 1

This year there will also be an illustration featured on the car’s side.

20181225 gsr 2

And they both have a winking version as well!
Koyama Shigeto will once again be in charge of art direction in 2019 for the entire Hatune Miku GT Project.


The car design you can’t wait to see…
will be on display (Fri) Jan. 11 – (Sun) Jan. 13 at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 at the Saitama Automotive University booth.


Our Lovely Racing Miku Supporters will be announced on (Sun) Feb. 10, 2019 at the Winter 2019 Wonder Festival, at the stage for Goodsmile Company and Max Factory joint company booth “Wonderful Hobby Life for You!!”.


Lastly, regarding our 2019 Personal Sponsor Program:

What is Personal Sponsorship?

To allow as many fans as possible to participate and support the team, GOODSMILE RACING uses a Personal Sponsor System which enables any individual to support the team no matter how small their contribution. It started in 2008 and the team receives the support of many Personal Sponsors every year. Thank you all for your support.
There are a wide range of Personal Sponsorship Courses available, including Nendoroid Courses, figma Courses, and Basic Courses – some include various merchandise as a special reward. Registered Personal Sponsors are ranked and their names are displayed in the list of sponsors online and at racing venues.


The most significant change between the 2019 and 2018 systems is that International Sponsors and Domestic (Japan) Sponsors will be ranked together.

There will be 4 types of Basic Courses offered.  Please see more info for each at the Personal Sponsors Web Entry Site.  They’re the same as always, but the name card design will be new.

20181225 gsr 3

Courses the come with figures include the Nendoroid and figma Courses.  Through 2018, each came with different special benefit items, but they will be the same in 2019.  You’ll also be able to purchase figures and Team Wear separately (outside of the course system).  The benefits included with each course will differ based on the course price, please see our official site for complete details.  There will also be some items you can get only through the Personal Sponsorship Courses.

20181225 gsr 4

20181225 gsr 5

In addition, there will be a ranking system for the total amount you’ve donated to the team as a sponsor, with associated special gifts for those ranks.

Your ranking will be displayed on your Personal Sponsorship Card, and your names (handle names) will be displayed at races and events.

20181225 gsr 6

We thank you all and hope your continued support and participation in our “Racing team driven by fans” in 2019.

(We’re also looking for corporate sponsors, if you’re interested!)


12/25 Addendum

I wanted to add some more reflection on the events of 12/22.
We made the official announcement to the media that afternoon.
Nice men in suits!

20181225 gsr 7

After that, we all went over to the Year End Party venue to set things up.

20181225 gsr 8

Can you believe your eyes!?  When we made the 2019 announcement, Tsuttsu was somehow wearing a 2019 race queen costume that fit perfectly.
(Our Lovely Racing Miku Supporters will be announced on 2/10 at Wonder Festival!)

20181225 gsr 9

20181225 gsr 10

Our live webcast during the Year End Party was using Periscope via Twitter, but the static connection at the venue had to be refreshed periodically, so our live webcast via Nico-nama was stopped.

We’d like to offer our most sincere apologies those of you living out of town, as well as everyone else who was unable to attend the Year End Party for this technical difficulty.

20181225 gsr 11

After the live webcast we had a lottery gift giveaway.

20181225 gsr 12

Then we had some guest speakers give a special talk just for attendees.  (We do this for every event.)

20181225 gsr 13

It was announced that Suzuna will be retiring from her career as a Race Queen, and that Swemy will go back to being a regular old man next year, but as they’ll always be a part of the team in spirit I don’t think anyone will be missing them just yet.

20181225 gsr 14

Last but not least, we took our traditional commemorative photo with everyone.

20181225 gsr 15

Thank  you everyone for such a great year!
Our appreciation to illustrator Hiro Kanzaki for your year of hard work.
And thanks to Tony for our Suzuka 10 Hours illustration.
We look forward to what you’ll do in 2019, Anninn Dofu!

We hope to see you all as 2019 Personal Sponsors in the near future!



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