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Going into the JAF


Everyone’s talking about the JAF this year even more than usual!  As our Supervisor (& GSC President) mentioned on Twitter…

The NOB&Ukyo car will be a MIKU CAR!

They’re working hard to get it all painted up right now as we speak!  (Oh man, will it be ready in time!? lol)

You probably won’t get to see it until opening day, so look forward to it!

That’s right, the legendary Mr. Ukyo Mikaze will drive an ita-sha!  To think, after stepping back from the F1 scene in the 90s he’d come back fast and furious 20 years later to race in a Miku ita-sha.  All I can say is, I am psyched!

Of course, seeing Taniguchi and Kataota racing out there will be amazing as well.  Kataoka will be racing on Saturday, and Taniguchi will be out there on Sunday!

It looks like there will be tons of events other than the race, so be sure to here it all here first.

That’s all for today, but be sure to stay tuned!


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