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Go-Cart Race Report!


Yesterday we held the big GSR Go-Cart Race!

There were tons of participants even from the early morning, so we’d like to give a big thank you for everyone who was able to come out!

There weren’t any other drivers from rival teams participating this time around, but this was Driver Nobuberu Taniguchi’s first time to join in, an even Taku Bamba (one of last year’s GSR drivers!) participated as a special guest!  All 3 Racing Miku Supporters were there too, the Miku Z4 replica was on display, the #0-13 bike that raced in the Isle of Man TT was on display and even had a demo run, a GSR Shop booth was there – and on and on!  Was that enough GSR for you for one day?  What do you think?

Well then, let’s take a look at some photos and recap yesterday’s events!

It was a beautiful sunny day!  Not a drop of rain to the very end!

20131015 go-cart 01

These were the 6 drivers for the race!

20131015 go-cart 02

From the left we have Driver Kazuto Kotaka, Driver Ukyo Takehara, Driver Taku Bamba, Driver Tatsuya Kataoka, Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi, and Sporting Director Ukyo Katayama.

All 3 Racing Miku Supporters were there to dress up the occasion.

20131015 go-cart 03

In the morning there was a sprint, and in the afternoon there was an endurance race.

20131015 go-cart 04

The GSR All-Stars competed in the endurance race, too!

20131015 go-cart 05

At noon, there was a demo run of the “TT #0-13,” the electric bike that raced in the Isle of Man TT!  Riding was the team owner, Mr. Yoshihiro Iwamoto.

20131015 go-cart 06      20131015 go-cart 07

Here you can see the car on display – and you could really get in close to take photos.  Or, have a word with with Miku Supporters!

20131015 go-cart 08

Representative Suzuki and Director Ohashi were announcing the play-by-play!

20131015 go-cart 09

The GSR All-Stars were too fast.  And as this is a go-cart race there are penalties for breaking the speed limit – push-ups!  lol

20131015 go-cart 10

And as a full-fledged race, last but not least, the pace car enters the track!

20131015 go-cart 11

The shocking conclusion – Sporting Director Ukyo wins the race!

20131015 go-cart 12      20131015 go-cart 13

Start and Finish commemorative pics!

20131015 go-cart 14      20131015 go-cart 15

To all those who couldn’t make it out this time, we hope you can join us next time!  We’ll have lots more fun events to come!


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