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[Edited] Super GT Round 5 Suzaku 1000km Finals Report


Thank you all for your support today.

The hot and steamy summer festival of races, the Suzaku Pocca-Sappor0 1000km endurance run has come to an end.

Starting in role 17 on the starting grid, and finishing in an amazing 2nd place, during post-race car inspection a regulation infraction was detected, and we have been disqualified.


No. 4 is disqualified based on  the “2013 International Motorsport Rules and Regultions, Section J, Paragraph 257A, Subsection 5.2.2″ – (Restrictor) Infraction.


Based on what was said by Director Ohashi and Representative Suzuki, the restrictor that was installed in July broke under the stress of today’s heat, allowing excess air into the engine.  The engine should stop when the intake is blocked, but it didn’t.

According to driver Nobuteru Taniguchi, during the last few laps of the race the engine started acting up and at one point he even asked himself, “Is it broken?”  But as the engine wasn’t showing any similar symptoms at Sugo, he wrote it off as the heat.

As the restictor used meets all guidelines and is approved for use by the FIA, this was in no way intentional.  No one is at fault for any wrong doing, we just had amazingly incredible bad luck….

This is certainly the most tragic of all finishes in the history of the GT Miku Project, but the race in itself was incredibly exciting, and in the end I think we were able to give our rivals a taste of our team’s true power.

To all fans who cheered us on for the duration of the race in the blazing sun, and to all fans who raised their voices in the sports bar, or in front of their TVs and cheered us on from afar, we thank you all very much!

We’re very sorry that the race came to an end like this!  There are still 3 races left in the season, and we hope for your continued support.



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