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Announcing the New Rules for the Legend Cup!


Everyone’s talking about how Good Smile Company is the leading sponsor for the JAF GP Legend Cup, but there’s one more thing you should be aware of – a big change in the rules this year.

First of all, on Sat. 23rd, there will be a driver briefing.  There’s already a heated debate going on about what will happen on that day, and a lot of words have been exchanged between us and ASCII.jp that can’t be repeated here – lol!

Moving on, on Sun. 24th, the Practice Run and Qualifying will be starting at 7:45 and last for about 40 minutes.  That’s pretty early in the morning – I’m already worried about waking up on time to make it there myself, but according to the seasoned Legend Cup drivers, “We get up early!  We’re old!”  Oh, I see.

In addition to the Legend Cup drivers, the 86/BRZ drivers will also be out on the track during the combined Practice Run / Qualifying in the morning.  Both drivers have to be out there.  Of course, lining up on the starting grid is a special privileged reserved for legend cup drivers – so go give it your best Ukyo!  You can hit the pit as many times as you want.

The finals will be a 10 lap sprint race, with an obligatory pit stop.  Also, the starting driver will be the 86/BRZ driver, swapping to the legend driver in the pit – the order of the drivers is set.  So the first part is for the young whipper-snappers and the later part is for the “adults” – is that it?  lol

There’s no regulation regarding the timing of the pit stop.  For example, we could let Taniguchi steal the show with the first 9 laps and then have Ukyo step in to take up only the last lap.  Keep in mind that there will only be one set of tires, so they’re going to have to manage them carefully.  Tire maintenance and refueling will not be allowed during the pit stop.

Also, even though there was a collision last year, this year both the drivers will be disqualified in the event of a collision!  It’s live and let live or die and let die – lol^^

Alright then, I’m sure everyone is psyched about the upcoming Legend Cup now!  We hope you’ll be cheering on the GSR Hatsune Miku Kobe Toyopet #86!

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