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A Special Thanks to our Sugo Personal Sponsors & Qualifying Format Info


Hey, everyone.

Today we’re over at Sportsland Sugo preparing and setting up.  It’s much hottter today than we’d anticipated, but the mechanic team told us it was cold in the morning and rain is in the forecast, so we’ve got to keep on guard.

Anyone heading out to the circuit, please be sure to have both hot and cold weather gear ready.

20180914 gsr 1

20180914 gsr 2

Well, we have 4016 Personal Sponsors supporting us for this race at Sugo.

You can see a listing of all their names (and handle names) over at our official site.

20180914 gsr 3

20180914 gsr 4

Also, this time around at Sugo the GT300 Qualifying format will be a bit different than usual.

Q1 and Q2 will be knock-out style as always, but for Q1 the teams will be divided into Group A and Group B.

We’re going to be racing in Group A for the qualifying round.  For each group, the top 7 cars will go on to the Q2 round.

Group A will be cars:

55, 65, 0, 7, 88, 60, 61, 34, 9, 2, 52, 35, 48, 5

We’ve got to stay sharp.

We’re entering the Round 6 Sugo race in 6th place for overall ranking.

Tomorrow’s schedule will be listed at the GSR Official Twitter, so be sure to check it out.

We’re the racing team driven by fans, so we hope you’ll be cheering us on!


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