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24 Hours of Spa Francorchamps Race is Underway!


I had a business trip in China last week, but came down with something terrible as soon as I returned to Japan and had to try and sleep it off.  As we’re on the cusp of changing seasons, everyone be sure to keep your bodies fully maintenanced for top performance!

Well, today marks the start of our 24 Hours of Spa Francorchamps race preparations!  For the official tire testing, our drivers Taniguchi, Kataoka, and Kamui along with Team Coordinator Takesawa headed on over.  I stay home and held the fort.

And a few photos came from their official Twitter account as well.

20170703 gsr 1

Check out the Mercedes Benz mark on Stuttgart Station!  You’d expect nothing less from the Mercedes homeland!

20170703 gsr 220170703 gsr 3

I guess you could say they’re taking a little breather in the calm before the storm.  From here they’ll meet up with Taniguchi and Kamui, get the seat for the AMG set up, and then proceed on to tire testing tomorrow and the next day.  Keep in mind that Belgium is 7 hours behind Japan.

The 24 Hours of Spa hashtag is going to be #gsr24h, so be sure to use it.

I think some of you are headed out to cheer us on in person, but the challenge of getting there will be even greater than the Super GT Thailand race!  And for that reason, we’ll be offering the following special service at our Wonder Festival GSR booth:

24 Hours of Spa Live Viewing!

Check out the link below for details!

>> WHL4U GSR Corner

The Miku Supporters will be there, too, so let’s all cheer them on together!  Once again, I Swemy will be with those left behind, so let’s have fun at the live viewing together.



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