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Okayama Test Run – Day 2 Complete


Today was the second day of official GT testing held at the Okayama International Circuit.

The weather was great, and with comparatively warmer temperatures it was truly a great day at the track.

Or should I say test day.

Moving through the various parts of the schedule, we finished the day with the following 2 best times.

Session 3: 1’28.699

Session 4: 1’30.315

Session 4 started right as the starting practice finished, just like that.

It will be the new starting method from now on, beginning with a first lap behind the pace car and the second lap flowing out from this rolling start.

I hope you’re all looking forward to the first race of the season!

Well, next week we’ll be participating in the next official test run at the Fuji International Speedway on March 23-24.

We’ll all be waiting with baited breath to see if the MY14 will be ready in time…

20140317 2nd day 1

20140317 2nd day 2

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