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The Miku Cylce Jersey that Crossed the Sea


Here is the tale of the BMW Works driver that showed us his stuff at the Suzaku 1000km Race – Mr. Jörg “Yogi” Müller.

Though it may have been his first time to drive in a GT race, he showed everyone what it takes to be a real world-class race car driver!

But what Mr. Jörg really seemed to like more than anything was Miss Racing Miku.  He bough a Racing Miku iPhone case out of pocket, wore a Racing Miku t-shirt under his racing suit, and despite his short stay in Japan, she really seemed to grow on him.

When we showed him the Racing Miku cycling jersey like, “Hey, we have this, too~,” he just had to have one, so we went ahead and sent him a whole GSR Gear set.  And when she had safely arrived to him, he let the whole world know via Facebook!  So here, let me share it with you, too! lol^^

20130930 jorg 1

He arranged the suit all together and took a photo of both the front and the back!

20130930 jorg 2 20130930 jorg 3

He excitedly said that our Racing Miku BMW was a “crazy looking car” – So by all means Yogi, we hope you’ll please wear this “crazy looking” cycling suit around town!  You might just become world famous in more way than one!



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