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Thank You for all your Support!


Yesterday marked an amazing victory for us at the Fuji Speedway Race.   It really reminded us once again that we’re truly indebted to the support of all our fans.  We had a big jump in Personal Sponsorship Courses over the last few weeks, and we want to thank everyone for helping us pave the road to victory!

After the race, no sooner had the announcer said “congratulations” when everyone came up running behind the pit – and we’d like to give you all a special thank you as well!

I made the announcement via Twitter as well, where you may have already seen it, but we’ve decided make a Miku-sized copy of trophy below

and include it with all figma Courses! 

figma Course reception closes on the 11th, so be sure to place your order now!  Finishing in first really is awesome!

>> Click here to visit to the GSR Personal Sponsor Site and order your figma Course!

20130909 Fuji Trophy



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