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Standing by for your Support!


In 2014, GOODSMILE RACING & TeamUKYO once more wants to race with you!

And we’re currently accepting registration for Personal Sponsors!

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Registration opened on Jan. 1, but let me explain the system to you once again!


1.  Basic Course  (3000JPY)

Special Benefits: 

Personal Sponsor Card

Ticket Holder

Go here for registration.

* Please note that Personal Sponsor Cards and Ticket Holders will only be issued one per sponsor per season.  In the event that register for several courses, only one of each will be issued.


Well… that was a little anticlimactic!  There’s only one course available at the moment^^;

But there will be more to come, and you can enroll in several courses.

What’s the benefit in enrolling multiple times, you ask?  Well, in addition to the Special Benefits associated with the Course, your Handle Name will also appear on the race paddock!  That’s right – all your contributions will go towards the next race, and at each race we honor all of the Personal Sponsors who have pitched in by putting their Handle Names on the paddock!

Don’t forget to check out all the Personal Sponsors who have contributed by looking at the paddock next race!

In addition to the Basic Course we’ll offer Nendoroid Courses from April!  All Nendoroid Courses will include a super-cute super-deformed “Nendoriod” version of Racing Miku.

Registration for the figma Courses – which will include a Racing Miku figma – is scheduled to open this summer!

This will be the third straight year we’ve been accepting Personal Sponsors from overseas!

We hope you’ll join with us to aim for the top of the GT 300 class!



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