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Show your Support! Now’s your Chance!!


Our dearest and most beloved fans all over the world!

Today’s blog post is brought to you not by Swemy (thanks, Swemy!) but by Smemy’s humble translator. m(_ _)m

(^o^)/  Hi~!

I’m writing to you today to ask for you help!

You see, unlike other racing teams that are funded solely by big-name corporate sponsors, GSR’s Miku Z4 BMW runs in part though the provisions donated by fans like you!  And that’s why we’re proud to stand by our slogan, “The racing team that’s run by fans!”

Despite a luke-warm start to the 2013 Season, our team has managed to pull off a miracle.  We started off in second, hovered somewhere in the middle of point ranking for a while, and then dropped even further… When all of a sudden we won 2 races in a row!  Though this was due to numerous factors, it was in no small way through your help.  When we win, you win, too!

And so now, this weekend, moving into the next and final race of this season we actually have a chance of walking away from it all as SEASON CHAMPIONS!  If we manage to come in 1st place, we may be able to make it to the top of the GT300 class point ranking.  That means taking back the throne in which we sat and shocked the world at the end of the 2011 Season!

Can you help us do it!?

It’s really hard for me to emphasize this enough – but please, lend us a hand!

We of course want to show our most sincere appreciation for any donation you can provide, and this is why we offer a variety of Personal Sponsorship Courses throughout the season, each with its own special benefits!

>> Please see all of our available Personal Sponsorship Courses by clicking here!

Of special note, in commemoration of our recent victories, we’ve extended the application period for the

7,000JPY figma Course

until Nov. 5, 2013 at 11:59PM JST.

Each course will come with a limited edition Racing Miku 2013 Ver. figma, and Nendoroid Racing Miku 2013 Ver. Rubber Strap.  You can’t get these items anywhere else!  Not only that, we’ll also be including a trophy for each one of our wins – wins that you’ve helped us achieve!  We’re all in this together!

20131011 figma

The lovely Racing Miku is pictured here with one trophy – but as we have had 2 1st place wins, she’ll actually come with 2!

20130909 Fuji Trophy     20130909 Fuji Trophy

And if we come out on top this weekend, too, every 7,000JPY figma Course will come with 3 trophies!

20130909 Fuji Trophy     20130909 Fuji Trophy     20130909 Fuji Trophy

Oh, wow!  Can you believe it!?  Wouldn’t that be a sight to see!

So again, our dearest and most loyal fans – I ask you, can you do it?  Can you help us go the extra mile!?  We’re all in this together!!

If you haven’t already enrolled in our Personal Sponsorship program, we hope you’ll take the time visit our Personal Sponsors Entry Site now and apply for one of our fabulous Personal Sponsorship Courses.  Show the world that we’ve got what it takes!

>> Click here to see the 7000JPY Level figma Course!

>> Click here to see all available Personal Sponsorship Courses!


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