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Personal Sponsor Benefits Close Up: Nendoroid Key Chain


Today we’ll be taking a look at a benefit exclusive to our Nendoroid Courses – the Acrylic Key Chain.

It’s an acrylic key chain that features the Nendoroid design illustration (just the way it is), perfect for hanging on your backpack or organizing your house keys.

This benefit comes with all Nendoroid Courses, so you’ll receive one no matter which sponsorship level you choose!


Nendoroid Acrylic Key Chain

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Sign up for your Personal Sponsorship Course today at the link below!  (Though our Nendoroid and figma Courses are currently closed.)

>> Personal Sponsorship Web Entry Site

Our 2nd Round Nendoroid and figma Course recruitment schedule is below.

Recruitment Schedule

Round 2: Nendoroid   April 28 – May 24

Round 2: figma   May 12 – June 7

Round 3: July 14 – Aug. 30

Round 4: Oct. 27 – 11:30



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