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figma Racing Miku + Senna!


Here it is!  The third installment of our figma and pretty ladies series!  She’s always wearing something fancy, but here is Senna in an all black ensemble for a look that’s a little above and beyond the everyday.

Though she may be working as one of the Race Queens, Senna is actually a Personal Sponsor!  After supporting the team for 2 years, we took her on with Tsuttsu and Ellaina as a Racing Miku Supporter.

One more important message!  Recruitment for the figma Course will close today – Nov. 5 at 11:59pm JST!  As we came in 4th at Motegi, the course will only come with 2 Miku-sized trophies.  But never fear – all courses will come with these trophies regardless of when you applied!

All proceeds from this round of Personal Sponsorship recruitment will go towards preparation for the JAF-GP, where all personal sponsors who donated for this session will be honored with their name on the team paddock and website.  Thank you again to all of our fans who have seen us through this and supported us to the very end!

>> 7000JPY Level figma Course

20131105 senna 1


20131105 senna 2

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