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figma Course Item Close Up: Folding Umbrella


Hey, everyone!  We started accepting registration for the figma Course on Sunday, but figma Courses have more than just their namesake.  They include all sorts of goodies, so I’ll be introducing them one at a time in this part 2 of my ongoing series!

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This time we’ll be taking a look at this folding umbrella, with a motif based on the parasols carried by our race queens at the track!  If you were to strike the pose with this in hand, you’d be just like one of the GSR race queens! (Well… uh, maybe.)

You saw a good example of just how fickle the weather can be at Sugo – clear skies one minute and then rain before you know it.  This handy and portable folding umbrella easily slips into a bag or backpack, and will really help you out in a pinch.   But if you happen to be watching the race from the stands, please be sure to wear a rain poncho.  (A sudden gust of wind could send an umbrella flying and create a hazard for fans and drivers alike.)

Just imaging yourself walking through town when all of a sudden it starts raining, but you just smoothly bust out this umbrella and calmly keep on going.  Man that guy is cool!  That could be you!  That’s how powerful this umbrella is!




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