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Celebrating 2 Consecutive Wins! Re-opening the figma Course!


Hey everyone!  Working hard – hardly working?

The other day at Autopolis, we accomplished a first in the history of the Hatsune Miku GT Project by achieving 2 consecutive wins!

In celebration…



20131011 figma

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We’ll also be including one extra trophy!

Don’t worry – if you’ve already ordered your figma Course, you’ll get both trophies, too!

There’s still one more race at Motegi, and if we keep up the pace and win that one as well…

We’ll include yet another trophy!

If we come out victorious at Motegi, this one little figma will come with an unbelievable three trophies!

Order 2 courses and you get 6!  Order 3 courses and you get 9!  Order 4 courses and…  you get the picture.

And if we become series champions…  Well, that’s something to look forward to!

Please note that only the 7000JPY Level Personal Sponsorship figma Course will be reopening.

The deadline to place your order is (Tue) Nov.5 at 23:59 JST!

We hope you’ll give us all the support you can as we go into the final race!



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