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Accepting Pre-Orders Now for the Countach!


Today’s I’ll take a bit of  a departure from racing to introduce this SWEET new pre-order available from Good Smile Racing.

JLOC may have 3 Lamborghini Gallardo racing in the Super GT, but back in the good old days all your Grand-dad’s were ogling over the Countach.  And the very first production model was the LP400!

This 1974 Super Car was an instant success in the Japanese Super Car scene at the time and has been a hit ever since, running through various derivatives but maintaining production all the way until 1990.  There were many legendary variants – such as the Walter Wolf Countach, the 5000QV, and the 25th Anniversary Edition – but these were all based on the original LP400 design.

Not to sweat the details, but here in Japan we generally call this car the “Coun-tack” – it’s actually pronounced “Con-tosh” in Italy, and is an exclamation of astonishment in the Piedmont dialect, like “Oh, wow!”  So, how on earth did it come to be the “Coun-tack” in Japan!?  Well, it could have been and honest mistake by a car magazine editor at the time or something, or maybe people thought it was an abbreviation of “counterattack,” or who knows – there are a million theories regarding that one.  But I think that it may be due to  the unique name “Lamborghini Countack” here in Japan that it enjoyed such a celebrated status.  It may not have all panned out the same had the name remained the “Lamborghini Contash.”

Well, I think that may be enough reflecting on the Countach (right – I mean, we’re not in the era of the Super Car anymore, lol).  So let me get to the meat and say that Good Smile Racing is releasing a simply incredible SUPER DETAILED Countach, scheduled for sale next year!  Take an especially good look at the interior and engine wiring.  This is a reproduction that really captures all the glory of the original.  If you’d like to see it for yourself, please follow the link below.  As a 1/12 scale model car, it’s pretty hefty!

>> Lamborghini Countach Online Site



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