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What’s Different about the Newest Model Z4 GT3?


Shun has now completed his Nico Life Broadcast debut, but boy did he seem nervous – lol!

He seems to have gotten caught up in his own world and left out a few things he meant to say, so let’s hear from him again what parts of the BMW Z4 GT3 MY14 have been changed.

This is a must read for who missed the live broadcast or wants to see side-by-side photo comparisons!


Well, uh…  I was so nervous at the Niconico live broadcast the other day that I don’t really remember what I said, but I have the feeling that I may have left a few things out.  Sorry about that… (>_<)

I’ve compiled all of the Z4 GT3 MY14 changes reported by the team mechanics during the live broadcast.

(F is for Front and R is for Rear.)

■  F Brake Duct Hoses

20140404 my14 1

The MY13 had only 2 (this pic of the MY11 has only one)

20140404 my14 2

but the MY14 has 3!

■  Transmission Oil Cooler, Differential Oil Cooler Air Passage

20140404 my14 3

The one on the MY13 went in here.

20140404 my14 4

There was no opening on the floor.

Looking at the M14 we see

20140404 my14 5

there’s a transparent window here

20140404 my14 6

and there’s an opening on the floor, so that air can pass over the cooler.  I personally believe this is the best improvement on the MY14 model.

■ The Differential itself

20140404 my14 7

Here’s the MY14 one!

■ R Cross Member

20140404 my14 8

Because the differential on the MY14 changed.

■ R Wheel Bearings

■ New Cooling Duct for the R Hub

■  R Rotor Bells

20140404 my14 9

This is the MY14!

You may not be able to tell exactly, so if you would, please just tell yourself that it’s totally different.

■  Gear Ration of the Transmission and Differential Final Gear

Now we have a slightly longer gear.

■  Gear Shift

It changed since the differential is different.  Perhaps strengthened…

■ Steering Gear Box Ratio

The car will turn sharper when the wheel is turned at a lesser angle.  In reality, I don’t think this will make much difference.

■ Exhaust System

The exhaust system design is slightly different.

■ Computer

The ECU program has changed.

■ Electronic Stability Control – Removed

The Z4′s most precious ally, the electronic stability control has been banned. (>_<)

■ Door Button

20140404 my14 10

This!  This thing here – lol!

If you really want to sweat the small stuff, there are a few more changes…  But I hope you’ll forgive me for stopping here.

Well then, on to Okayama!

- Shunsuke



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