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Welcome Back, Miku AMG! RS Fine Maintenance Underway!


Our Miku AMG made it back safely last week, but now the good folks at RS Fine are busy fixing her up.  I was passing through the area recently, so I peeked in to make sure the Miku AMG is OK for myself – lol.

This report on the Miku AMG status is just in from Shun, so let’s take a look!


The Miku AMG arrived home safely from Thailand last weekend!

20161106 gsr 1

Welcome home! (^^)

We took her back to RS Fine and immediately started getting her ready.

20161106 gsr 2

The season final race is coming up this week!

Even though it’s so sudden, all the mechanics performing a thorough maintenance to make sure we can take her to Motegi in top condition.

I’ve been testing out my own car at Motegi in preparation for the final FIA-F4 race!

20161106 gsr 3

I thought I might have accidentally taken Sueko from Thailand along for the ride, but to my relief it was Swemy!  lol

20161106 gsr 4



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