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Update from Shun: Competing in the Super Endurance Race


We mentioned that Shun would be competing in the Super Endurance Race the other day.  But let’s hear about it again, from the man himself!

He’s on the same team as GSR Driver Tatsuo Kataoka, so let’s all cheer them on in the Super Endurance!


I have an announcement for you today.

It’s already been announced via the blog and Twitter and whatnot, but as of today, yours truly, Shunsuke Kawano will be participating in the Super Endurace Race!

The car I’ll be racing is a GT3 ST-X class car, the BMW Z4 GT3.

I’m fairly certain the only reason I was given this opportunity is because I was allowed to participate in the GSR GT test run, and gain experience driving their boxed-in car.

20160523 gsr 1      20160523 gsr 2

The first boxed-in car I ever drove on a race trace was the Z4 GT3, and it was at the Suzuka Circuit.

20160523 gsr 3

And just like the first time, in that exact same car, I’ll be making my debut in the Super Endurance Race Round 3 at Suzuka Circuit!

But that’s not all, the man driving with me is none other than Tatsuya Kataoka!  To think that I’ll be driving the same car, and racing as a team with the man who’s taught me so much about the FIA-F4.  For me, this is the best possible environment to learn even more.

I hope you’ll be rooting for me in the Super Endurance Race as well as the FIA-F4!

- Shunsuke Kawano

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