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The wrapping of the SPA version of Miku AMG is finished for now!


Behind the scenes of the Hatsune Miku GT Project 10th Season Anniversary Exhibit, work on the SPA version of Miku AMG was proceeding quietly. With the completion of the wrapping, a photograph has arrived from Europe, so we are presenting it.

Please note that the company sponsor stickers and personal sponsor stickers are not affixed yet, so it is not as though it is 100% complete.

It is universally common to print a huge film and, after deciding on an approximate location, to stick it on.



Because it sticks all at once, it is already nearly finished in its current state.




As you can see around the rear and beneath the wings!



Completed! Because there are no sponsor logos yet, it looks simple! Or perhaps I should say, I am surprised that the workshop is pretty, haha!




What do you think?  If you apply for Chou Otoko (i.e., Super Man) course, your name will be engraved here! Because it is only about a month until the race, it would be advisable for people who are thinking about applying for the SPA support course to make the purchase right away. Please support this historical challenge!

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