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The Sugo Test is this Weekend, but Shun has a Race at Suzuka


I know we all want to bask in the afterglow of our victory at Fuji, but as there’s going to be a test run at the Sportsland Sugo track this weekend, we’re making preparations.

Vacation?  Holidays?  We don’t have anything of the sort! (>_<)

We’re making preparations for the test run!

20140512 shun 1

We’ve even finished trading out the broken bumper with the one on the replica!

20140512 shun 2

Right, right – I’ll be taking part in a race held at Suzuka this weekend too, so we’ve also got to prepare for that!

20140512 shun 3

Everything’s packed up and ready to go – off to Sugo for the GT!  Off to Suzuka for the Super FJ!

And we’re off!  This time it’s only the Miku car, as the Teady Bear car (the Studie #7) left early.

20140512 shun 4

20140512 shun 5

Well, since I won’t be going to the Sugo test run, for the next mechanic report maybe I’ll just get some photos and make the whole thing up – lol!

I’ll do my best to try to go with the flow of the GT and win at the Suzuka race!

-  Shunsuke

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